Museums, Molars, Money: Coming to Terms with (Teaching) COVID-19

On 11 March 2020, I unknowingly left campus for the semester – contemplating crowns as I did. Macbeth’s, from my last class discussion. My molar’s, that I joked to students would soon be coronated. A bride’s, in her plantation-museum wedding portrait I’d recently lectured about. Above all, the virus’s, terrorizing our world. Within days, administrators […]

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Queer Curatorship for New Realities

“I have let everyone down… and LGBT+ people will lose out because of me.” This sentence went through my mind (or more like it stomped through my mind) when I made the decision to pull an article that I had been writing for Animated Magazine: People Dancing (Foundation for Community Dance). My words were about a conference […]

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On line teaching activity related to Museums, Sexuality, and Gender Activism

Originally published on Routledge website and reproduced here with the permission of the author. For those who are struggling to put Museum Studies classes on line, here’s an activity based my introduction to Museums, Sexuality, and Gender Activism. This activity engages students in considering gender diversity in museums. Visit the museum’s fascinating virtual museum tour of highlights […]

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Queering the norm during a pandemic

The world is changing – and rapidly. COVID-19 – colloquially the Coronavirus – is impacting on how we live our lives. Social distancing as a precautionary measure – and enforced in many places around the world – is challenging the ways we understand human connection. It is challenging our everyday routines and our relationships. Despite […]

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Queering needs to be anti-colonial

This was written in response to the KINQ Manifesto, particularly responding to point 2 and 4 of the Manifesto. All museums are sex museums The KINQ manifesto does something very essential, it discusses heteronormativity in archive, library and museum spaces. As with whiteness, naming, discussing and pointing a finger at heteronormativity is an important part […]

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